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Calmoseptine Ointment

This cream protects and soothes irritated skin and temporarily relieves discomfort from itching.Provides a moisture barrier that prevents and aids in healing skin irritations from urine, diarrhea, perspiration, wound drainage, and feeding tube site leakage. It is also an excellent ointment for minor burns, cuts and scrapes.

Item # Description Size Style Color Price Count
00104 Calmoseptine Ointment 4 oz $ 8.52 Each

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Dry Washcloth

Highly absorbent airlaid cellulose material. Ideal for patient care as well as general clean-ups.

Item # Description Size Style Color Price Count
501 Dry Washcloth 10" x 24" $ 2.44 Pack of 48

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Extra Protective Cream

Aids in the treatment and prevention of rashes associated with diaper use or continuous exposure to feces and urine. Seals out wetness, while also providing moisture to delicate, chaffed skin. This formula will not wash away and continously soothes sensitive skin.

Item # Description Size Style Color Price Count
59432400 Secura Extra Protective Cream 3.25 oz $ 9.86 Each

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First Quality Guards for Men

A cup like shape designed to fit a man's anatomy. Wide end helps give protection where men need it most. One size fits all.

Item # Description Size Style Color Price Count
PV811CS First Quality Guards for Men $ 60.48 Case of 126

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Incontinent Cleanser & Deodorizer

This perineal spray cleanser and deodorizer is for use with incontinent care. The formula moisturizes while it cleanses and is pH-balanced to protect the skin. Cleanser can be diluted with water.

Item # Description Size Style Color Price Count
1453 Bedside-Care Perineal Wash 8 oz $ 4.36 Bottle


Kendall Choice Plus Briefs

WINGS CHOICE PLUS features padded wings for greater comfort and absorbency, 4 tape tabs and a blue dryness strip for optimum skin protection. The full absorbent mat brief is designed for person restricted by total incontinence, with leg gathers for superior fit and containment. The super-absorbent polymer provides maximum absorbency.

Item # Description Size Style Color Price Count
66032 Kendall Choice Plus Briefs Small 20" - 31" Peach $ 7.80 Bag of 12
66033 Kendall Choice Plus Briefs Medium 32" - 44" White $ 7.80 Bag of 12
66034 Kendall Choice Plus Briefs Large 45" - 58" Blue $ 12.06 Bag of 18
66035 Kendall Choice Plus Briefs X-Large 59" - 64" Beige $ 11.82 Bag of 15

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Kendall Wings Adult Briefs

Wings™ Adult Brief combines super-absorbent polymers and a blue dryness strip for maximum absorbency, along with a breathable cloth-like backsheet for quiet comfort and protection. The 4 sturdy refastenable tabs of the fastening system can be attached anywhere on the front of the brief, allowing larger wearers up to 69" to stay cool, dry, and comfortable.

Item # Description Size Style Color Price Count
67093CS Kendall Wings Adult Briefs 2XL Up to 69" $ 57.28 Case of 48

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