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Comprilan Compression Bandage

This reusable, elastic bandage is constructed of 100% cotton. It is ideal for compression therapy. It provides high working pressure and low resting pressure.

Item # Description Size Style Color Price Count
77187 Comprilan Compression Bandage 4 cm x 5 m 24/Case $ 8.93 Each
102800 Comprilan Compression Bandage 10 cm x 5 m 20/Case $ 9.95 Each
102900 Comprilan Compression Bandage 12 cm x 5 m 20/Case $ 11.66 Each
0102600 Comprilan Compression Bandage 6 cm x 5 m 20/Case $ 7.29 Each
0102700 Comprilan Compression Bandage 8 cm x 5 m 20/Case $ 8.43 Each


Cover-Roll Stretch Bandage

This non-woven, cross-elastic bandage provides light compression and is excellent for areas requiring flexibility. Can be used as a primary dressing retention sheet, replacing surgical tape and adding gentle compression. Retains dressing on wound and surgical sites that range from small to large.

Item # Description Size Style Color Price Count
45552 Cover-Roll Stretch Bandage 2" x 10 yds Non-Sterile $ 9.74 Each
45553 Cover-Roll Stretch Bandage 4" x 10 yds Non-Sterile $ 14.49 Each
45551 Cover-Roll Stretch Bandage 12" x 2 yds Non-Sterile $ 16.20 Each

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This non-woven padding can be used underneath Comprilan to help provide protection to sensative skin.

Item # Description Size Style Color Price Count
9046 Artiflex Padding 10cm x 3m $ 4.30 Each


ABD Combine Pads

This dressing is highly absorbent, which makes it designed for use with heavy drainage wounds. A non-woven, soft material constitutes the outer layer. The fluffy inner layer disperses fluids, while also absorbing fluids. Sealed edges prevent residue from leaking out of the dressing. The sterile pads are packed in open trays for convenient aseptic handling and easy access.

Item # Description Size Style Color Price Count
7196D Dermacea ABD Combine Pads 5" x 9" 36/Tray $ 0.18 Each

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